What kind of epilator are you using? How exactly do they work?


(Sorry to say I use a variety of methods~)

Hair removal cream

The analysis of the principle is that we use mercaptoacetic acid (calcium), an economic component, to dissolve the hair, before using a local need to be sure to do a skin test to prevent allergies.

However, we all know that in a few days we will become “dad’s stubble”, but the price is relatively low and the number of times a summer is acceptable, so it is still the main way for many people to remove hair.

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But a reminder: before using chemical hair removal creams, be sure not to! Self! Open pores with hot water, not after using hair removal cream: Toner shrink pores does not exist, and if you use alcohol in your lotion, it will only have the opposite effect.

Hair scraper

I think this quick cleaning method can be used in an emergency, because it is easy to get hurt, shaved hair may curl during growth and not grow out when buried in the cuticle, possibly secondary to infection.

Wax paper / beeswax

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Any girl who has used this is a fighter!

It is actually wax that is heated and applied to the hair growth area. After the wax has cooled slightly, just tear off the wax block that counter wraps the hair. Hair removal wax paper works similarly to beeswax, the difference is that hair removal wax paper does not need to be heated, it just needs to be applied to the hair and torn off directly.

It looks okay right? But I think I can develop as a punishment for boyfriend “torture” one! Zheng Kai in the running man was sticked beeswax tear leg hair pain you students feel a bit of them haha ~

And in the process of violent tearing, may destroy the skin barrier, triggering skin inflammation – folliculitis, is such a red spot, I think it is worse than the hair.

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Third, what is a safe and effective method?

Optical hair removal

Actually, these methods mentioned above are only temporary, but not permanent, but optical hair removal is now very sophisticated (good news for Kiwi girls!)

It is skin through the specific principle of light, penetrating the skin deep contraction hair follicles heat, hair removal, hair follicles are destroyed several times after, the hair will not grow.

There are two kinds of optical hair removal on the market, one is the laser hair removal for hospitals, and one is the pulsed light (IPL) for home hair removal instrument.

What is the difference between the two?

Laser is a single working wavelength of light, like a kind of pressure using a water gun, strong, to the point of play; pulsed light (IPL) is from infrared to visible light full wavelength light irradiation, like a shower, light strength, large area.

Think of me as an early laser hair removal group.

Now the medical beauty almost an important part to do clean also to 2-3000, the extremities together with the development of the words almost 2-3w, and to go to the hospital regularly to do, otherwise it will be foregone ~ my own work is the business because for this China has been that there is no time to do.